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from costume Silk Spectre I
clembastow Arriving at Supanova - frustratingly, this is the only solo shot from before my hair started to unravel at the end of the day!

Hopefully I can do a proper photoshoot soon, once I've made some adjustments to the costume, too.
  • clembastow Haha, with the help of a VERY patient friend, and a VERY large can of hairspray! I'd recommend going to a hairdresser who specialises in rockabilly or pinup hairdos; apparently the side ones are called 'Victory curls' and the front is just a rolled fringe. Hope that helps and can't wait to see your costume! :-) 14 years ago
  • fozzness wow!! Gorgeous costume!! I'm cosplaying her for the next Otakon and I was wondering... how the freak did you get your hair to do that?!?! O_O 14 years ago