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from costume Misa Amane
Kawaii Pocky Okay so I pretty much just quickly did my hair and put my costume on because Misa/CC's skirt was finished. My hair looks like ass so forgive me, I wanted some finished pictures of her costume but didn't feel like putting effort into making my hair nice. I didn't even do my make up for Misa just because I was getting ready for bed soon. I'm going to cut myself some bangs which scares me. I still have to do some things to Misa's shirt or maybe I'll leave it alone. I'm not sure if I still want to do what I was planning to. I just thought it a tad plain, then again most of Misa's outfits weren't as outrageous in the movies as they were in the anime so it might fit better. I don't know. Either way I do like how it turned out.
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