Lady Muramasa's image
Lady Muramasa Meant to put this up a while ago, but comp got hacked and I lost the copy I had. I hate this thing on the Emperor's back, I use to think it was a beetle. Then Dissidia came out and I was like eeeeew, a drugged up, coked up, Demon Zombie head....nice. Must be where The Emperor get's his power for his EX mode.
  • RoxyRoo lols. It's probably a throwback to his rebel college years. jk Looks good! Keep it up! 13 years ago
  • Lady Muramasa Thx, yeah, the demon head will definitely be stored in the closet. I don't even want it out at night.......staring at me......O_o!!! No way! 13 years ago
  • Lirin I think any Emperor cosplayer likes this UGLY face back his cape... I already have nightmares when the time comes for making mine XD 13 years ago