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Lady Muramasa Yes, it's my Oliveira knee pads, guards, whatever one refers them as. Well, they were construction knee pads at first until I got my hand on them, 5 minutes of cutting and stripping turned them into these. I'm debating on filling in the 4 open holes and painting them silver. We will see. Anyhoo, I wanted to match the crisscross of his straps, because I am a detail whore at random times and this is that random time. Oh man, straps seemed easy to attache, boy was I wrong! They almost got flung into the trash!
Woo, UC Carlos well kind of sucks, he's not the same without his accent sorry. :-( Lol, naw I'm not sorry. :-] So RE3 Carlos it is! Still working on his damn vest, made a detachable UBCS emblem for his back.
  • BlitzFox They look great! I salute your dedication to detail! :D 14 years ago