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from costume Midna
ShadowInverse Much better~yet not quite finished. Alas, the cloak will be re-made...AGAIN. and I have different paint for my was like, sticky. D:
ANYWHOO. that wig used to be blonde! I dyed it myself..since I did NOT want anything neon-orange on this costume ^^
the hairpieces were hotglued to my face. that hurt..but I was in a hurry....
Alas the pains of cosplay.

The headpiece fails because it's not my real one. I made it 4 days prior out of random stuff in my craft drawer since there was a disaster with my real one. the silicone apparently wasn't setting right...
I'll have this costume complete by January =]

Oh. and the belt.
....I have it complete....and I left it in my room for half of Acen T_T
*is absent minded*
  • Liquidfire3 Haha, I feel you on the cloak situation; I spent around $250 last year on the fabrics, and I seemed to have grown a few inches, so it's too short now. >.< So I gotta rebuy everything and remake it. It seems to be a never ending renovation project. I do hope you finish yours soon, it looks so pretty already! 14 years ago