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  • Seena-Cha what a pretty chi cosplay =D 11 years ago
  • DROO Awwww...I think I did miss you....Your cosplays would have been perfect for the magazine!!! Plus...you make a great Chii....I love Chobits!!! Maybe I'll find you for the next issue!!! Are you going to the Cosplay picnic at Center island??? I'll be snapping pics for the magazine as well!!! 12 years ago
  • ultima_flare yeaa it was pretty fun posing for pics random ppl take of u XD, but it was pretty hot during the weekend in my costume lol how was your first experience? 12 years ago
  • ultima_flare so cute! ah it's my first time cosplaying at AN this yr too XD 12 years ago
  • Minako Aino You look adorable! 12 years ago
  • amariel I saw you a couple times of at AN, you both looked so cute! 12 years ago
  • Ashymoto Terrific! 12 years ago