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Rikku-chan This is my final version of this costume! I made my first one back in 2004-05. I still have things to fix up and make (boots lol) for Youmacon, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to shoot at the Indiana Dunes this past weekend! I brought the wrong contacts with me, so I shooped my eyes green and the sands I tinted yellow to match the dunes of Bikanel Island :D

Blades were bought from L1M3 on here to replace my old, ruined ones *sad*

Photo by my boyfriend on behalf of TotallyToasty
Editing by me
Costume made/worn by me!
  • princemercury1 Amazing shot and amazing costume!!! *__* 8 years ago
  • AanZku Aaaww.. :D 9 years ago
  • Charmibby You're perfect Rikku! 9 years ago
  • no-more-thread wow!!! you look so good, such a good job! and the photo is really well done as well 9 years ago