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from costume Glory
Tatterhood It worked! It worked!!
Kinda. Black primer went on ok. Silver layer was tacky. But then I sealed it and um it's fine?

I got spooked when doing the spray painting - at 5am in the garage. I was crouched down, with the garage door open, painting away, when a neighbour suddenly appeared and asked if everything was ok. I nearly jumped out of my skin, but was very happy he wasn't a bear or a (supernatural) murderer.

Night time little sleep = working while paranoid

(Saw the neighbour again last night actually. He profusely apologized for startling me, and I told him it was alright - that it was actually nice that people in the area who were concerned and lookin out for other people. And then he asked why I was wearing That Hat and I said I was just eccentric and he apologized if that was a rude question and I said it wasn't and it was alright and did I mention he lives in a house with a tiny chihuahua named Cinnamon?)
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