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from costume Sasori
bakaforce_blond I just happen to be vertically challenged. >:/
  • Nina-Teh-Ninja kays, i know you hate it when people say it, but this sasori cosplay is damn good for one you put together in 5 seconds. 13 years ago
  • Melek mmmm looks good, but in my opinion you are to beautiful for male characters. 14 years ago
  • StripperANBU this is an awesome shot!^_^ you look like a j-rock version of sasori! 14 years ago
  • StargazerGemini Looks great, awesome job on the hair ^-^ 15 years ago
  • Rock nam Lee Oh wow, your jacket is so cool! :O (Ironically you got some high stairs behind you ;) haha) 15 years ago