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Hasu ...is suffering from great ammounts of heat and lack of photos.

Well, once I get the pictures back from my photoshoot with Anele on c.com, I'll have plenty. I'm just so confused- TONS of photos were taken of this, and I've only seen two on the internet. Where AM I? Please, if anyone has a single photo of me at AX, whether it be in this or one of my other costumes, please tell me.

Anyway....once again, every single line on that dress (which was washed out by the flash) is painted with custom-diluted paint, and then embroidered over with silver or grey embroidery thread. And my red skirt (which was supposed to be arranged by my helper) was actually hand-beaded with pearls all around the bottom edge. The white skirt has pearls on the edge too, but obviously you can't see them. I think to appreciate this dress you just have to see it in real life. So if I'm ever in this and you see me, please come say hi. =) Even if I can't breathe or drink properly, I love talking to people. And if you give me water with a straw, I may love you forever.

Don't you love how I look like I'm about to throw my staff at one of the photographers? XD
  • Destined2Rock Hey! You were right behind us in the masquerade at AX! I seriously love this piece, and you do need to see it to appreciate it. This is truly one of those masterpieces of work that I am so envious of...! 15 years ago
  • DayDreamerNessa I remember when i was watching the masquerade and you walked on-stage with your esther it was so cool! On the big screen the camera guy zoomed in and out of your costume, and i remember seeing those pearls on the edges! Such a great amount of detail is in this, very impressive =D 15 years ago
  • SchizoIori I wish I had been able to go to AX and see this in person. It's absolutely goregeous. *_* 15 years ago
  • Dante-san Amazing costume good job on it!! ^o^ 15 years ago
  • SuzukaZakuro Your Esther is really, really lovely! The detail is just great. I was very close to the stage at Anime Expo, so I got a nice view of the dress(But even in the second row, it was impossible to see all of the pretty details! ;) ). I wish I had taken your picture. If I happen to catch you at another convention in this, I will most definitely get a photo. =D 15 years ago
  • GabrielDarkhawk Hooray! Queen Ester turned out amazingly well! You look wonderful! 15 years ago
  • EndlessNights Very, very wonderful! You´re so beautiful *_____* 15 years ago
  • Captain Gundam what other cons is this costume going to be shown at? 15 years ago
  • LauraC *jaw drops* This is beyond amazing; one can easily see all the amounts of hard work and effort you put into your Queen Esther! I remember seeing you at Anime Expo!! =D This costume took my breath away! hehe I can see the tiny pearls too =D 15 years ago