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from costume King Leonidas
Hitokiri83 My only complaint about this costume was the fact that every person wanted me to quote movie lines all day...

Everything on this costume was made, with the exception of the sandals, which I ordered from Isreal - that's kinda close to Greece... almost.

Helmet = cardboard, paper mache, bondo and real horse hair
armor/broach = wonderflex, foamies and paper mache
cape = linen w/custom pleather straps
underwear = stretch pleather
sheath/belt strap = vinyl (was noticably different in color in the movie)
sword = plywood (hand sanded), bondo and vinyl grip
  • BuddhaAlex Will look, but haven't had much luck in womens sizes as I have small feet lol 14 years ago
  • Hitokiri83 I found the sandals on eBay... what can't you find there? I tried looking in store for something like them, but everything would have taken a lot of modification - too much for such a small detail, in my opinion. 14 years ago
  • BuddhaAlex I also really like the sandals o.o, where did you find the site for the makers in Israel? or did you order from a catalogue? They are really cool, from a reenactor's standpoint. 14 years ago
  • fightstar That's what happens when you play King of Spartan. Good armor by the way. 14 years ago