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Furosuto so here is a pic which i like very much. it shows a little bit the work i had with those golden patterns. unfortunately you can't see the full diameter of my cape. but i want to take some new pics in our garden where you can see everything. and i must say it again, i love my sword ^__^

photo was taken by sweet_maya ^.^ thank your dear
  • negativedreamer great work! 15 years ago
  • xKasumix This is just stunning!! Awesome job! *O* 16 years ago
  • maggifan awesome costume! so many details! XD 16 years ago
  • Mirromaru Woah! Stunning costume, that looks like an enormous amount of work *_* Totally impressive work with the detailing on the coat and your sword! What is it made of? :) 16 years ago
  • -Naraku- congratulation about animagic winning and YEAH...your costume rocked! 16 years ago
  • Deval ahhh klasse geworden *~* die muster kommen echt super rĂ¼ber ! 16 years ago
  • Rubeus oho coole Sache! 16 years ago
  • azurite_no_miko Genial *__* Wie sind diese Muster gemacht? o__O 16 years ago
  • Astria Very nice work, on sword and cape !! 16 years ago
  • celestial Ceres That's such an awesome Cosplay *___* 16 years ago
  • Elsch OMG! That's friggin' awesome!!! *_* 16 years ago
  • Shinigami_Mimi AWESOME! *O* 16 years ago
  • Hanyaan Oh, that is FANTASTIC! *_* I love it! 16 years ago
  • Kirae really nice! And the sword is fabulous 16 years ago
  • Katie-chan Good shot and it does really show off the great work of the costume. Well done. 16 years ago