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from costume Princess Midna
MidnaHime A little photoshoppin' done here.

There was already this big shadow where I was, but I exaggerated it and added little confetti flakes of twili. :]

I also burned out TPZ a little to make it seem like she's overwhelmed in light, but I'm not sure if I overdid it. -w-; Heh.

So anyway, added the little border and whatnot.

Yay for epic poses. :3
  • MidnaHime Thank you. ^_^- 15 years ago
  • NytenGale nice lighting effects for the realms and such! great job! 15 years ago
  • MidnaHime Heh. Thanks, Rikku. ^w^ 15 years ago
  • Rikku Dattebayo light and darkness. KWAH! you guys rock. 15 years ago
  • PikminLink cool photo 15 years ago
  • MidnaHime Thank you Simonsaz3 ^.^ I'm glad I finally got to debut it. 15 years ago
  • simonsaz3 Beautiful Midna cosplay... =) 15 years ago