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from costume Commercial Telepath
Liriel For a Halloween party I dug out my very first (store bought) cosplay from the Wolf 359 The Alliance in Blackpool. And, hey, ist still fits!

Ah, Babylon 5, how do I miss you ...

@Issabella: when do I NOT look arrogant ... *sighs*
  • Alessa I wouldn't really say arrogant, but SERIOUS. You would make a kick ass teacher! :D Quistis would be great, you'd pull her off very well, I think! 16 years ago
  • Ladaym Babylon 5! Toll! ^_^ With that pose (and the pin and gloves), it's easy to believe you're a telepath in the Psi Corps. ^_~ 16 years ago
  • Issabella Du siehst sehr streng aus! *g* (und arrogant! ^_~ ) 16 years ago