Zan's image
from costume Yuna
Zan Photo thanks to Adam/Dr. Teng
  • Badkitty4960 So this is what awesome looks like... 12 years ago
  • ArkAngel Great Work looks Awesome! :) 12 years ago
  • WildSpice Awesome job! 13 years ago
  • xXsimcaXx i HATE furrys but this is adorable! good job! 13 years ago
  • Yunie48 Beautiful Berserker Yuna!!! *-* 13 years ago
  • KurenaiYuuhi Amazing! 13 years ago
  • Katherina Hello :) What material was used for a helmet and armor? 13 years ago
  • AliceLocket looks simply epic!! you managed to pull the harder dressphere off great!! (^v^)/ 13 years ago
  • Toastersix You look freaking awesome and I hate that I missed seeing you guys in these! Augh! 13 years ago
  • CosplayerGabi Well done on the details. It's fluffy fur goodness. 13 years ago