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Mirromaru Sooo, the dress is finally done now! How such a simple design can take up so much time to finish is beyond my grasp. I should have gotten used to that by now, every time I pick something easy that happens... Still missing the shoes, props to fill my steamer, the socks and have to handstitch the bow into place.

Surprisingly, atlhough I always though the apron was the coolest part of this, I like the dress a lot without the apron as well now! Might be because I had a terrible ironing mishap with the apron, fortunately not visible in pictures (thus it is now only partly ironed until I find the courage to try again...) I don't know yet when I will wear this outside, at the moment it is too cold outside to arrange a shooting. So for winter I guess it's only taking lots and lots of progress pictures. ^^

I need to start on Haruko's bunnysuit next, as a friend wants to borrow it for a Lilith bunnysuit costume, and I need to start on Sailor Uranus because Noblesse and Suaine are coming to visit me in december to work on our Sailor Senshis together. And lots of other stuff still waiting, I just labeled all my fabric boxes this weekend (took several hours! -_-) and have found already one cosplay I can solely do on left-over, will have to think of more, because my left-overs are approximately about 20-40m of fabric in total and I need to get rid of the because of all the space they take up x_x For next year I made so many costume-plans... I do not know how I could possibly finish them all, but we'll see ^^;
  • TaRu Wow, this turned out great! 13 years ago
  • Yumee awessssooommmmee <3! 13 years ago