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Kula Ayanami My friend Clara as Asuka and myself as Rei (er...obvious!).

Well, we just wanted photos of us together... so these outfits aren't exactly "cosplays". In my case, I was inspired by an Eva manga's illustration. And Clara wore red clothes, the Asuka's signature color.

I've tons of photos now, I'll upload my faves here!=)
  • celestial Ceres Nice costumes =) 13 years ago
  • CreepyZuzet oh my... i adore your friend's pumps! and you look like such a classic beauty :3 13 years ago
  • Kula Ayanami thanks a lot!xD I love the title too!X) 14 years ago
  • TybaltFlux Duuude, I love the title and the picture for this! 14 years ago