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from costume Zora Queen Rutela
Hylian Jean She's still missing a few details and color blending and adjustments in this photo (there are newer photos in my gallery), but overall I'm reasonably happy with her shape and proportions, considering the body type I have to work with. Her fins are dazzling in sunlight!
  • TheDeku Okay, this is seriously epic! 11 years ago
  • Naria This is absolutely stunning!! How did you make the fins? 12 years ago
  • Peach93cc that is out of this world! (I think I might copy you lol) 12 years ago
  • amouranth Awesome job! 12 years ago
  • Narayu oh my .... awesome work for your costume !! (I hope to make as good as you for my own Rutela ^^; ) 12 years ago
  • cloudwarrior Absolutely amazing! 12 years ago
  • linksliltri4ce oh my gosh I LOVE your fins!!!! 12 years ago
  • Ragtime Mouth Lovely 12 years ago
  • Kanti Kane !!!! Wow! I always admire zora costumes. They're always so creative~ Awesome job 12 years ago