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from costume Himawari
R.Cutie I get a kick out of this photo I can't help it XD I'm unsure if Yuuko is amused by Hima's genkiness or not ^^;;; Also I had to be reminded to smile more in this costume as Himawari is all about her SMILE ^_~ I plan to work on smiling more in my photos anyhoo as I tend to look at the camera with a deadpan expression most of the time...

Yuuko is Liz
Photo by Josh at Saboten '08
Both of dead.pepper
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  • kalifa_neumans very amazing!!!! for both, really nice costumes n_n! 15 years ago
  • Song Bird So much Kawaii, Liz makes a great Yuuko, and you make the cutest Himawari-chan! I envy your awesome long beautiful hair *hugs* see you soon! 15 years ago