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evil_neko Yeah. Um. I was bored. So I cut my hair.

I kind of wish I didn't. But that's okay. The good thing about hair, it always grows back! :D
  • Admiral_Cecil Evil_Neko still kawaii as usual and nice haircut btw ^^" 17 years ago
  • evil_neko Haha, thanks! And Selph, yeah, okay. You're tooootally my long lost twin XP. (Actually, that was one of my first thought after I cut my hair XDD;;; ) 18 years ago
  • Probability Like that expression :) 18 years ago
  • Selphie_fairy So cute! :D Dude, we kinda look like each other...*points* TWIN! XD 18 years ago
  • evil_neko Hehe, thanks, Rei-chan :D! 18 years ago
  • Reiko Your so cute! you remind me of a woman from the 30's with a short hair cut like that 18 years ago