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ashe2kawaii So i tried to edit the lighting, but i think it went a bit to light. so in my opinion in this image i look a lot darker than this. As well as by time con comes and tan again, i will be for sure hahahaha also sorry for the mirror, didn't realize this till now.

So here's all of what I've got for Tifa so far. The top is not made by me, to clarify. Lol I was making the top, but things went pretty wack so I'm going to try it again but for practice purposes so I can both learn to be not only patientXD but better at making tops. So! What I am making is the skirt, because I can pretty much get those down.

The suspenders I need to add the clips to, and I need to buy a knee guard, paint is silver and add details. As well as buy some Timberland boots and paint them red and Black, add the armor pieces to them and make the gloves. Getting there slowly but surely, so I'm happy. Got to also fix my up wig too.XD

As well as something to help boost my chest size, cause I have literally not enough for her, but at least having a bit more would be nice
  • ~H~ Looking pretty awesome! Tifa is my favorite FF girl. Looks like you are going to pull her off beautifully ^_^. 8 years ago
  • ashe2kawaii Thank you so much chicky!!! hahahah yeah i'm not sure if you saw my reply, but i can't wait till you go as Aerith. We're gonna be so hawt, that we'll need warning labels :p 9 years ago
  • LinkPwnsGanon like I said on babe alert! you look awesome! x3 9 years ago