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Hilary Dance tights are the bomb.
  • Hilary Actually, funny story, it is vinyl hot glued around my ankles combined with some pumps. I have another pair of more accurate shoes, but I needed to be able to climb up on a fountain during the photo shoot and didn't want to waste any time getting in and out of my shoes, so cheated and opted for slip-ons! 12 years ago
  • Sarhugani You have dynamite legs and the look great in tights. BTW, props for the high heels. You're only one of two who went with those kind of shoes whereas all the others just went for a pair of pumps or stilettos and wrapped some tape or something around their ankles. So thank you for putting in the cash for accuracy. Unless you owned those to begin with, in which case it just worked out for you. 12 years ago