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from costume Ameto
Splenda Part of our Beatmania group from Katsu! Due to previous engagements, our shoots ended up being kind of rushed, but the group was still a lot of fun, and we got some great pictures. Sadly there are several things to be changed/fixed on my Ameto costume, but I'm generally pleased with it (especially the hoodie)

From left to right:
Vartan - Shem
Stardustshadow - Iroha
Chibi Kero - Nix
Lousy Itachi - Siren
Ryuuraigeki - Iroha
Me - Ameto
  • Chibik3r0 It was a lot of fun running around~ Hopefully we can wear these all again sometime soon :D 14 years ago
  • Dante-san very great group *o* 14 years ago
  • UnnamedUnknown Nice group shot together, well done on all of your outfits 14 years ago