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Amberle Edited by Peggy! Thank you very much this photo is lovely T___T
Taken by Garion i believe? D:
I really like this photo! ;A;
  • Zhelly Perfect expressions! You both look amazing-!! *__* 14 years ago
  • Amberle kazzy is super hot too ;D 14 years ago
  • Kazeki super hot! 14 years ago
  • Amberle CreepyZuzet: Thank you! ;D Mouichi: Thank you~ I feel a little better about my makeup now ;A; Poapu*Princess: Thank you! StrawberiiSheik, KitsuneRenaChan: I think my Akito is uberly adorable too ^o^ Cvy: YAY thank you! ♥ I'm glad you think the costumes look consistent ;A; ChocoLime: Thanks babe! ♥ NotEnoughMayo: Thank you! I think the photo's nice too XD Peggy: THANKS TO YOUR EDITING PLS! *explores peggy's home and raids costumes* Elsch: Thank you! 8DD 14 years ago
  • Elsch looks great! ^^ 14 years ago
  • peggy SO CUTE AND COOL LA BOTH OF YOU MUHAHAHAHAHA *kidnaps home* 14 years ago
  • NotEnoughMayo Cute is all i can say!very nice picture! 14 years ago
  • ChocoLime I really love how you two look so so alike and yet different feel in this photo!! Two pretties in one photo! 14 years ago
  • Cvy both of you look alike in this pic!? uber coool!!! and pretty consistent with the costumes/wigs too! since they are the same person! 14 years ago
  • KitsuneRenaChan Aw~ Very cute! :D 14 years ago
  • Sheik Chan You're too cute ;-; 14 years ago
  • Poapu*Princess Awesome pic! 14 years ago
  • hotcake SOO CUUUUUUTE 14 years ago
  • Mouichi I really love the makeup in this~ 14 years ago
  • CreepyZuzet awwww cute! 14 years ago