Eibii's image
Eibii Being stalked. Again, blurry. (Need to set up an outdoor photoshoot this month or something...)
  • Eibii Mwa-ha, thankyou. ^^ Oh, he had awesome presence when he was in-character - makes me wish I'd gotten better pictures, he acted the part wonderfully, even standing still, he was pretty terrifying. ... When he wasn't doing his Christopher Walken impressions, anyway. ._. (Around the time a monster comes up to you demanding that he have "more cowbell", the OMGFREAKY! effect is sort of ruined. ^^;) 19 years ago
  • MemoriesofYuna oh my god! that thing is still scaring me! god i would cry if i saw it in real life! i would run to a corner and start crying all my green makeup melting off. you did such a great job on it i fear it o.O! that's hillarious though. it's one of those things that's just like -Pssssssst!- turn arround! -Aseret Yuna 19 years ago