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from costume Ichigo Kurosaki
BlackMarth I am contemplating for my moveable tale of installing a sound device that plays the Godzilla roar on the push of a button.

Excellent idea y/n?

Photo by Al
Sword by Nekkid Ichigo
  • Arlette [] YES [] NO [] ICHISAURUS RAPE 16 years ago
  • amande YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY 16 years ago
  • Anza amazing idea! and have another one that plays the original theme from the thing but instead of it saying "GO-JI-RA" it choud me be "I-CHI-GO" XD yeaaahhhh amazing costume though! And when you mentioned the Godzilla roar I couldn't stop laughing ;x 16 years ago
  • Lumnae oh my!!! are such a great ichigo!!! *_____* and you still have that contact lensen*___________* awesome!!!! (but i'm sure you know that very well ^-~) 16 years ago
  • Ambrosia Not until you put the squeak in the tail. 16 years ago