Teetah's image
Teetah Kurenai Maria - Elsch
Kuran Kaname - Subaru-kun
Kurosu Yuuki - me

pic by [email protected]

Since it'll still take some time till I can upload all pics of this shooting on my HP, I thought I'd upload some more pix here~ ^^
I love how this pic turned out. Elsch's face expression is so great! You can immediately tell that she's the bad one of us. *_*

Much love to Elsch and Subaru and the others of our group! ^^
  • Elsch *shiiine* X3 I love how we look here, the expressions are so in character. ^^ 16 years ago
  • Hanami sooo pretty ^^ 16 years ago
  • Admiral_Cecil More like sleepy time, but alas still very cute piccie ^^" 16 years ago
  • ZEST @.@ elsch is shining :p pretty awsome ^^ 16 years ago