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from costume Miharu
Elsch My newest costume~~ And it's like a dream come true for me. I always wanted to do a Fairy and finally I had the chance.
It was so much fun to design and sew it in just 4 days~
The costume is so compfy and was so cheap because I just used stuff I already had at home. XD

Hope you like it. More pictures to come. ^^
  • VanessaXVillan thanks for the comment but your cosplay is 10x more amazing0_o 13 years ago
  • Lillyane Refia Gorgeous work, as always. *.* 13 years ago
  • -Lilla So pretty! Lovely pic! So beautiful! 14 years ago
  • :+: aya :+: beautiful ... xD as always ^^ 14 years ago
  • floidboi very pretty!!! 14 years ago
  • Ato wunderbar *_* 14 years ago
  • OrganizedChaos wow!!! Very lovely, incredible details! 14 years ago
  • soylatte very lovely and creative~ the costume looks so delicate and detailed for 4 days with scrap fabric! you are positively ethereal looking! 14 years ago
  • Assara Wonderful !!! 14 years ago
  • etaru You look so very beautiful~! ^^ 14 years ago
  • Spidey Das Kostüm steht dir richtig gut und sieht sehr schön aus ~ ich liebe Feen *_* Es leuchtet richtig toll ~ mehr Bilder *luvs* 14 years ago
  • Lodi At last, a fairy costume! You've told me before that you have always planned on doing a fairy costume and I'm so glad to see you create one at long last! I can't wait to see more pictures of this gorgeous creation! *hug* 14 years ago
  • xKasumix So much love for this, dear!! You look so damn pretty! Awesome designs again! *O* 14 years ago
  • Kadaju woah awesome 14 years ago
  • HakuChan Thanks ^^ Original design?cool!*-* I want to see more! 14 years ago
  • BaraChan Rei My God why are you so awsome!? Everything you do is beautiful! T_T 14 years ago
  • Hanami wow you made this costume is such a short time and it looks soooo perfect *_____* amazing job !!!!! 14 years ago
  • Shizuku Like a princess! Very beautiful and especially warm colors... awww~ *_* 14 years ago
  • neoangelwink lovely ^_^ 14 years ago
  • mercure Just too cool *.* good job! ~♥ 14 years ago
  • LiL KRN YUNA Oh goodness. Just gorgeous. ♥♥ I love it!!! 14 years ago
  • Deval tolle farben *~* wenn schon keine sonne scheint dann wenigstens du 14 years ago
  • VickyBunnyAngel So beautiful! 14 years ago
  • IchiHaneTenshi You look so gorgeous! 14 years ago
  • Frida_chan Ahhh!!!! The desing is lovely and you look lovely as well *_*!!! Geez! Im getting in trouble trying to desing a fairy with red&black colors without looking goth x.x Maybe I should go over something less... black? dont you think??? I love how fairy-ish look your desing *_* so I'll be pleased if you give me some advice! 14 years ago
  • Rikku-chan how GORGEOUS are yoU!? ok I shouldn't need to ask that...you're BREATHTAKINGLY STUNNING!! BEAUTIFUL costume! 14 years ago
  • mitsuki_sairen waaa! sieht wieder mal so wundaschoen aus *______* ermm...ich wollte dich auch noch was fragen.... wie...erm...machst du das mit den Augenbrauen, dass sie immer die passende Farbe haben? Oo""" ich meine, hier hellbraune(blonde?) bei Maria weisse und etc. Fraebst du sie? oder was? XD Das ist ein Raetsel, das mich seit langem wundert XD 14 years ago
  • Lystrade Beautiful! :D I love the colors you chose. XD 14 years ago
  • Shirak great picture :O:O:O 14 years ago
  • Lunacat1 absolutly beautiful!!!! great job ...love the detail!!! 14 years ago