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from costume Sheryl Nome
Katie So, I just realized that I NEVER uploaded a photo of Coconut Bubble Sex Cosplay's Macross Frontier group to my cos.com. :OOOO This MUST be rectified.

Myself as Sheryl Nome
Mer as Ranka
Peter as Alto (costume by me)
Trevor as Mikhail
Aimi as Klan

This group made me so happy. *__* AND this beautiful photoshoot by Jason of i360! Even if I did look like a tranny mess in every shot. XD
  • Miss Meru Awwww, this group! *w* and Mary's even in the background, haha! 12 years ago
  • neoPootling totally macrossF-ed up!! fantastic shot of a fantastic group! 12 years ago
  • seawaterwitch Awesome group ^^b *two thumbs up * 12 years ago
  • Katie-chan You all have the epic pose going for ya. 12 years ago