-Shoko-'s image
from costume Skull Knight.
-Shoko- Hi guys,
Skull knight is an enigmatic character from Berserk.
Jerôme wanted to do him since many years.
After his sadness of last july, Ben call him for cheering him and Jerome decided to do the Skull knight 18days before the con "Paris cosplay".
It was a crazy project for so few time...
Jerome made very fast the pieces and bring me his work in order I can made finitions and paint job.

He told me " do as you wish".I can imagine skull knight is in metallic silver armor in the manga, but I though " he is in bone... why can't I do old bone aspect?".

And I create a color scheme very strange based on white, soft yellow, yellow, brown effects.
Finally, I was happy of my choice, it was " different" from what Jerome expected but he liked the result.

I think he made some proportions mistakes for the legs but, the costume seem accurate.Skull knight gave him good memories and cheer him in not give up the cosplay hobby.

After the con, I discovered this photo...I don't know the photographer but...he create an awesome foggy background very accurate to the Berserk atmosphere, I was really amazed!
I really like this picture I wanted to share our latest creation.
I don't made many things on the skull :/

photo by KOJI.
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  • kadaaj77 Wow amazing Skull Knight! and made in 18 days=mind blow! very well done! 11 years ago
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  • Odango Cordis WOW ** I'm reading that manga just now XD epic~ 11 years ago