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from costume Flemeth
hmwsg x Kevin, I am so so sorry, I couldn't resist the title. xD
This was taken at the Bristol Renfaire, and the last time I wore it for the year. The crown got damaged due to a hungry cat so I need to remake it entirely =\

Soo this is moreso Dragon Age: Origins rather than DA2 BUT WE MADE IT WORK!

Photoshop wizardry is done by mrbob0822.
  • Lady Muramasa So Ironic as Alistair does stab Yavana in the comics! xD So, it's legit! xD 11 years ago
  • Tatterhood Stop that stabbing, Stabby McStabberson! 12 years ago
  • Criana Haha, Morrigan in the background is great. 12 years ago
  • Nikineko LOL awesome! 12 years ago