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evil_neko Haha, from Katsu '05... just uploading this as an excuse to upload something XD; I can't tell if I like this picture or not XD;

Kagura Sohma, college uniform, Katsu '05.
  • neoangelwink so cute hug ^_^ 17 years ago
  • Solaria Haha, I literally just came on from working on that same costume as well! (But for Rin, not Kagura.) BTW- it's Kagura's high school uniform. Natsuki Takaya mentions that in the manga ("She's wearing her uniform from when she was in high school." -volume 5) You should upload some shots that show it better! 18 years ago
  • Admiral_Cecil Looking here. Evil_Neko's purdy here too ^^w 18 years ago