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  • AxninaTriget This looks absolutely amazing! :o 9 years ago
  • Leuce I just about died upon first glance at this. This is absolutely FANTASTIC. Especially for being "last minute" and before the official design was out! I was hoping to maybe gather together a Sufferer for a convention coming up in mid February but sans wig/make up/boots/horns have ZERO idea how to even begin on constructing this. If it isn't too much trouble, would you possibly be willing to lend a few pointers of just how you created such beauty? ; ; (I obviously don't plan on going up and copying your design, being a bit more apprehensive about making my first from scratch cosplay and being crunched on time, I find myself attempting to lean more towards the original design/using a simple fanart as a base structure of an idea, but good grief your cape is so gorgeous that I think I may want to try to go for something along those lines x x But even if you'd rather not, this is still absolutely amazing! Keep up the good work :D) 9 years ago
  • SabienStrange Wtf why does this have no comments, this is SO nice! D8 I really wish there was a clearer picture of this cosplay, it looks like you did some seriously wicked detail work here ~ 10 years ago