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Lady Muramasa Blah, I'm being lazy with finishing him, I'm stuck on the armor part and the horns were a fail. But I liked the color. This was taken I But it was testing the horns, wig and make-up. I made the pic gold toned just for fun.
  • Liliana Pfffft! FULL?!?! XD ...Hehehe actually, my wig is very thin on top, I'm lucky you can't see the weftyness on top of the wig in close up pictures. Yours looks so good though! It's bloody HARD to find a good wig for him to spike with and that has a color close to his hair! xP I'm so buying a new wig for him, I just have ta keep on looking. <_< 12 years ago
  • Lady Muramasa Awwwwww. Thank You Ma Lady. Your wig is fine, I like it, it's nice and full, mine is not, and I don't have patience to make it full =/. Mine was originally two wigs, but I had to make it one, because it was giving me headaches. I removed wefts form the long wig and attached them to the short one. I didn't have the new snake done at the time of this pic either. He's sitting next to his hefty brother 12 years ago
  • Liliana YAAAAAY! *dies of epicness* It looks SO good. And I LOVE how you did the beads instead of gems on the forhead just like how they really are in the game. OH! And I still to this day adore your wig, I HATE mine. Did you make yours from scratch?? I can't remember... xP 12 years ago