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SailorGaia Since Marle inherits the pendant we thought this rather appropriate. I love the angle; Avianna really got creative with the photos she took of us, which I'm quite grateful for!

As I mention in a previous photo, this is me stealing Miri's stuff and wearing it. :B She lent me her Schala costume when I forgot a portion of my Crono. I think she should have her own line; "Miri's Gorgeous Cosplay Handouts For Unorganized Cosplayers." If you have any construction questions, you'll have to ask her. :D

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  • Miri I love this pic of you guys and you're both so lovely~ 12 years ago
  • Avianna I had soooo much fun taking photos of you! Lets do it more often! 12 years ago
  • Geni Nice =D 12 years ago