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from costume Zidane Tribal
Bahzi Currently the tail is just pinned on, but it's going to be attached to a belt under the costume's pants and have a delrin rod armature, so it will bounce and not droop so much, and also curve a bit more at the top.

The fur fabric I used was as close a match color-wise as I could find to the Dissidia art, but was a very long pile fur, so it was shaved to the appropriate length, except at the tip to match the official art more closely. ^^
  • The Boss I love that you've watched the artwork closely and shortened the fur above to become exactly accurate! Not many people have an eye for such details. Love it! 12 years ago
  • Liliana ...Somehow, just seeing the icon I just knew it was Zidane! Very cute tail well made! ^^ 12 years ago
  • Hopie Very cute tail! :3 12 years ago