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from costume Argento the Silver
Lady Muramasa I didn't even want to go I was so pressed for time on the armor then my sewing machine broke! I was pretty much like f*ck it! I'm not bringing her unfinished......but my boys got me to bring her any dam way. I luv you guys! Lol. Anyhoo it was funny people took my picture but had no idea who the heck I was! I had to explain oh she's a FFVII character but you only saw her in Dirge of Cerberus Online....and Japan only got that pleasure! Well I didn't get to style the wig's done now. And she's missing all of her buckles, and her armor on her boots. But most importantly....she missing her sword! Which I am finishing up! So sorry Argento I will have you done 0
  • KittyCatChi I never got to play the online version sadly, but I remembered you were working on this a while back so I totally fangirled seeing how well it came out in person =D The shots I got are pretty decent if you want them and I can PM you? =3 13 years ago
  • RoxyRoo T^T I wish we could have met. Even unfinished, your cosplay is still epic. Whoa, wait. Since when was there a Cid??? 13 years ago