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squ33k t0y My first time trying to style a wig everrr! O.O

I will be messing with this a bit..but I got the wig earlier today in the mail so I decided to try to style it! I wish I had a wig head >< It would have been a bit easier..o.o; I was using a stuffed animal for the most part xD; Then when I went to cut/style the bangs I put the wig on and did it on me. I gave myself a reaaaally bad headache with all that hairspray x.x;

But um yeah! Don't mind my hair sticking out at the bottom...D: And that one peice of bang that looks really short is actually layering I did for when I foof that up. The rest of the bang under it just got moved aside I guess o__o

K! I'm done talking. o__o;
  • artisticpsyco O: I love your wig! Would you mind telling me what seller you got it from? 14 years ago
  • squ33k t0y @ CSI_grl: thank you! :D @ CharIsMe: Thanks! Actually, I got it off ebay o.o! 14 years ago
  • CharIsMe looks great! did you get your wig from cosworx? 14 years ago