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from costume Rikku Gambler
Assara Me as Rikku Gambler and very good friends of mine as Meg and Jo
  • LyddieGal Really cute photo, you all look fabulous! 15 years ago
  • Assara Thank you. @zest: auf der Ani 2006, steht sogra schon da 16 years ago
  • Rikku-chan ADORABLE GAMBLER!!!! I SOOO wanna make that costume someday!! YOU did an INCREDIBLE JOB!! ^^ 16 years ago
  • ZEST wo warn das? o.O coole cossis ^^ 16 years ago
  • Assara Thx to all of you. @alessa: I don't have much time at the moment, tha's why I'm not here often. 16 years ago
  • Hitokiri Kenshin You all look great. 16 years ago
  • Alessa all three of you look great! ^^ Didn't see a new pic of you in quite a while now ^^ 16 years ago
  • oOPompayOo YOU GUYS LOOK AWSOME! XDD Great jobs! 16 years ago