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from costume Eureka
SaltySlippers You get a cookie if you know what song the title is from.~ = )

And I adore this photo. Although I don't really have the "Eureka" which reminds me alot of Rei from Eva. Possible next cosplay? ) on in this photo, which would of made it more of a better photo.

The ghetoo necklace was made by those wire doll stand things? You know in the craft section at wal-mart next to the doll items? It was only .50 cents. :]
  • ashes666 Nice Bagu beat me to it by 2 years, lol. very nice shot. you look really cute in it. (Can't wait to cosplay as Renton Thurston at MEWcon, it will be my first time cosplaying ever, 3rd con i've been to in my lifetime. A bit nervous, lol.) 12 years ago
  • Bagu Face Down - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 14 years ago