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Hoshikaji Pikacello as Danny Phantom and Hoshikaji as Jazz Fenton from Danny Phantom. I can't say our kyoudai relationship is exactly like theirs, but it's pretty damn close. It was lots of fun to do this together. <3 to imouto.

Jazz: I can be a crime-fighter too! I've been practicing my kung-fu and witty banter! Take that, evil-doers!

Danny: Kill me.

Beautiful photo by Godly!
  • Saravana This was my favorite photo from your shoot! I love the personality you put into it. Awesome! 16 years ago
  • Daymond42 Y'know? Until I saw the actual caption, I thought Danny was Jaguar from Space Channel 5! Don't hurt me! It's true, though! ^^ 16 years ago
  • Scruffy Rebel haha love it. Poor Danny XD 16 years ago
  • Sumikins OMG you guys are both terribly cute. Also, love for Danny Phantom Cosplay! 16 years ago
  • Lynn.A I. I..... IIIIII......i wuv you. 16 years ago
  • TsukiNoBara Everything is perfect in this photo, I laugh everytime I see it. 16 years ago
  • liddo-chan I know you're supposed to be Danny's sister, but you've got this great "cheesy Mom" air in this shot. Oh, Kim. Have my babies! Have them or raise them, I don't care which! 16 years ago