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from costume Tuxedo Mask
Tenshi Musouka Easily one of my favorite costumes. Worn with nicki_013 as both Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity to anime north. Most of the best pictures can be found in Nicki's gallery, but I just had to post up a few of my own. I added a couple of my favorite ones into the background. I plan to post more later, but for now, feel free to comment either here, or in Nicki's gallery.
  • Olween-Dreck OMG!!!! amazing cosplay ^v^ 14 years ago
  • LebenVieKyrie Your Tuxedo Mask cosplay is Awesome!! and so is your pose! ^^ Really nice pic, you and the Sailor Moon cosplayer look really good ^^ 14 years ago
  • Anatra Oh my GOODNESS! YOu look fabulous as Tuxedo Mask! What Anime North was this!? This is great! 14 years ago
  • Elysewa omg! Someone actually cosplayed him at AN?! I didn't see! Very good job on your cosplay, i wish i could have seen it in person.^^ 14 years ago