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from costume Rapunzel
Limeyaku Rapunzel investigates a fountain... in the castle...or something... >_>
  • auuudriana You're my favorite Rapunzel cosplayer! I've done my own Rapunzel but yours is so awesome. Do you happen to remember what fabrics and patterns you used, if any? I'd love to know! Thanks! 10 years ago
  • Pink Princess Hey this is really outstanding, I don't know if you would want to do this, but it might stop a lot of people leaving comments for help. BUt have considered doing what I do to help people. I make youtube turoial videos for my costumes and wigs. I was going to ask how you made yours, but I see so many people have asked and I know how difficult it is to explain in just a comment. I also put written tutroials on my website and take clear photos of each stage. It wuold involve makeing a least oneover again and have someone film you, but it does cut down people asking for help. This is beautiful!!!! 11 years ago
  • ~Rainbow-Wisp~ How did you style the wig? was it all one wig or did you add wefts to make it longer? How did you insert the foam? sorry for the questions. 11 years ago
  • ~Rainbow-Wisp~ any tips you want to tell any other rapunzel cosplayers? i'll be making my own wig soon. what did you use to make it so lightweight? 11 years ago
  • Waffel Haus This is truly gorgeous. I'm going to be making a Rapunzel cosplay soon and I really like how you did the braid, but could you break down how you made it a bit more? 11 years ago
  • NovemberCosplay This is beautiful! If I end up doing her hair this way, I hope it turns out as lovely (and light) as yours! 12 years ago
  • catkid123 omg do u commission? 12 years ago
  • Straywind Your wig is incredible! (^^) 12 years ago
  • gypsy_girl Excellent. I've got a few wigs, but what's it like to have soooooo much hair? 12 years ago
  • beloved4ever Great Photo! And that wig is amazing.. Did you do that yourself? 12 years ago