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from costume Mabinogi Incubus
Lanna_Waterdrop Mabinogi Incubus Sen Mag Dungeon solo boss

"If my eyes fail me, I will still be able to see thee.
If my ears fail me, I will still be able to hear thee.
Even without the legs, I will walk to thee.
Even without the lips, I will sing thy name.
Even with my arms broken to pieces, I will hold on to thee with my warming beating heart.
Even if my heart fails me, my brain will sing thy name.
Even if my brain fails me,
then I may,
Embrace thee with my blood."

Worn at Anime north 2012 with Dugald Incubus with me. Had a lot of fun, got recognized twice in it.

Enjoyed how it turned out, a little disappointed with a number of costume malfunctions. The photoshoot was only at the end of the day so they were.... not so perfect? Let's just say we found out Nail glue works like Crazy glue. 8D

Server: Mari

Photo Taken by Kevin Chan
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