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from costume Rei Miyamoto
ashe2kawaii This is just a selfie (lol evidently) Hoping to have official pictures soon. :3
  • BlondieSundae You look really awesome in this, your wig looks very clean and well styled. 8 years ago
  • konekoanni Looking fantastic! The wig looks really nice, and the fake blood is on point. 9 years ago
  • AnimeLuxray25 Wow! Great job! 9 years ago
  • ~H~ You are so lovely! ...even covered in blood splatter ^_-. Awesome Rei! 9 years ago
  • KitoCosplay Awesome pic! If you need a zombie-killing buddy, let me know ^_~ 9 years ago
  • Thowra outstanding Rei 9 years ago
  • Naudae hehe WOW! Those eyes! They're so cutting yet highly beautiful! Great job on the details of the outfit and just the overall appeal of the cosplay! 9 years ago
  • LinkPwnsGanon you look Uh-Mazing!!!! I love the blood splatter pattern on you! It's like you actually killed a zombie and the blood got on you! 8D 9 years ago
  • ToroSonyCat I love this! Everything looks great and I love the wig, you look wonderful in this too, the wig really suits you 9 years ago