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~Arizu~ yes~
I've already started a new cosplay~
for all Visual kei fans:
Maybe you can guess what I will cos?!
  • ~Arizu~ Ahhhhhh omg thank you so much dear ;www; 17 years ago
  • reita rameeee;O; you'll look so cute >/w/ 17 years ago
  • ~Arizu~ HAHAHA~...nee~...aber n Kuesschen kriegste trotzdem. |D~ *Kuess* hohoho~ |D' 17 years ago
  • chuchu-mana haha~ du bist der forschkönig.. küss mich ; _ ; 17 years ago
  • ~Arizu~ Reita: Haha no not Satsuki maybe later but not know |D~ But thanks >333 Senko-chan: No no it isn't kana...|D~ Sankyuu >w< Maggie: YEEEEES!>DDD You ARE right xD~~~ 17 years ago
  • darkenedxstar Rame all TEH way!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDD I know I'm right! :X (I think I am anyways XD) 17 years ago
  • Senko-chan I suppose maybe Kana? haha cute 17 years ago
  • reita i really have no idea o_O;; for the hair i will say renter en soi's vocal.. but that cute lace in your head*__* buuut,... no ideaT__T *kicks herself* xD 17 years ago