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  • Mephosto_Waltz Cool! I like how you set up your original outfit. ^_^ Very nice indeed. Though, it does kind of look like Scars of Sabath, ne? 16 years ago
  • Emiri-sama OH WOW OH WOW OH WOW! Is this the real mana white fluffy dress/cape-y thing from Moi meme Moite???? I haev been to the Shinjuku Moi meme Moite. I got pics of it, but they kicked me out. AHAHAHA!!! THEY HAVE COFFINS FOR DRESSING ROOMS YO!!! ANYWAYS! back to beautiful you.!!! I really like the design, and the way you pulled it off so well.. I can be the obeise Mana. HAHAHA and we can travel the world together, fighting hate and dicrimination together!!!! All in all--- Awesome... Lovi'n it....da da da da da.. I'm lovin it. EMILY! 17 years ago
  • ska beam You look awesome!!! 17 years ago
  • Edea soooo cool *_* 17 years ago
  • SephirothXer0 The guitar is waaay off proportion... no pickups are as big as your hands haha otherwise cool outfit 17 years ago
  • Sterling Nice. Total coolness. Makes me remember "Chained Corpse"... 17 years ago
  • NytenGale ROCK ON!! YOU"RE PERFECT!! awesome cosplay!! 17 years ago
  • LovelyNeko wow you look so great *O* and woah that guitar...awwww i lOVE it *steals it* 17 years ago
  • P. Python Esse seu cosplay é tudo de bom. Perfeito! 17 years ago
  • Kunishirou oh my that's really cool~! love that guitar XD XD 17 years ago