yayahan's image
from costume Dawn
yayahan Photo by Brian Boling
costume/wings/egg made by me
construction info: see associated Dawn costume page

This shoot has been planned since Dragoncon, we were just looking for the chance to push the giant egg into the woods lol.
We took advantage of a beautiful warm day in late October and set up the egg prop in between these awesome ivy vine overgrown trees in the North GA mountains. Realizing again how immobile I am in this costume *headdesk*, and how many bugs were flying around us O_o;, we did a fairly quick photoshoot in under an hour. I put on the horns at the last minute because I felt like my head was so bare. They were just stock from my store laying around.
I am very excited about the ivy on the trees as it matched the egg's decoration wonderfully. Got my skirt dirty tromping around in the dirt but it's well worth it.
  • Ivy Beautiful, the egg looks like an abandonned ancient pagan stone or something, it matches the landscape beautifully 14 years ago