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Truest_Strike Dragon*Con 2010.
Photo by Fantasic Spider-Man Aka John.

MY FAVORITE RED HOOD PIC!!! Was taken at the Marriott back area. Luckily, it took one take and the photographer said "Money shot" following by I got it. Once he showed me I already couldn't wait to have the picture sent. Today is that day.
  • Souba Wow I love this! Sometimes it just takes one shot! ;-) Souba 10 years ago
  • crazycomicgurl omg this picture! 11 years ago
  • AmiArsenic Why does every one decide to go as my favorite characters the year before the first time I go to D*C!? I went in 2011! 11 years ago
  • ronon_dex Very cool 11 years ago
  • Mellie The best! 11 years ago
  • skyspiders This is truly a fantastic action shot that captures your character impressively. Very much the 'money shot' as it were. Nice job! 11 years ago
  • eebanee Mind= Blown =D 11 years ago
  • ktangelpie This picture is freaking awesome. 11 years ago
  • DuckhuntPRO RED HOOD!!! This is a SCORE! 11 years ago
  • huggabugga7 Amazing! 11 years ago
  • Ammie *____* Your my Hero XD Amazing costume, and amazing shot, I love everything about this! 11 years ago
  • Gothic Ninja Very dynamic, love it. Red Hood just kicks ass, beat up Batman real good ^^ 11 years ago
  • ANIME_FAN001 omg i love it.. ♥ 11 years ago
  • EmiFL You are fantastic.... Really fantastic... 11 years ago
  • Gee Law Awesome 11 years ago
  • mokachocolate I can't express myself trough words, this is just freaking EPIC!!! You are by far the best Jason Todd I have seen! ^^ 11 years ago
  • IzunaDrop247 Absolutely amazing! 11 years ago
  • Fallow 5 pages of comments doesn't NEED another one but... Damn great shot! 11 years ago
  • Dreamfield EPIC WIN. I think your last sentence in the description sums it up well. Congrats on the showcase, too! :) Any idea what Fstop setting your photographer used? 11 years ago
  • RedSonya I love Jason Todd and the Red Hood. This shot defines him. Batman's got has nothing on you 11 years ago
  • slarson802 YES! Awesome <3!!!! 11 years ago
  • Alsheyra awesomeeee 11 years ago
  • Domin-eau One take?! That's ridiculous! Congratulations.. :3 11 years ago
  • Regis Takishido sugoii 11 years ago
  • Puffycaveman This is awesome sauce. 11 years ago
  • NovemberCosplay So awesome! 11 years ago
  • StargazerGemini I remember seeing this at D*con 11 years ago
  • schej Unbelievable! 11 years ago
  • YukaiAmarante Awesome! I love that movie 11 years ago
  • Thirdeyestudios Just joined after Truest_Strike told me about this photo of mine was being showcased here. It was Just lucky to get this on the first take! Thought it would have taken at least a dozen tries. John aka Fantastic Spiderman 11 years ago