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from costume Sakura-hime
lilaznfreak Buahaha heres a close up of me :P I just love the greenery with this costume! I think its wedding perfect. Its practice for my wedding day thats all. KIDDING. Im not ready for that day yet. But it was fun walking around in this. So many people thought I was getting married too~ So awkward sometimes! But yes, this is another favourite from the shoot!!

Picture thanks to pockymistress
  • Katasha Your far too pretty. 10 years ago
  • Feena-chan WJISHDUGZAT&T&DR *Q* omg *calms down* absolutley gorgous Jess *_* youre incredible honestly!!! Youre a real hime! 11 years ago
  • kowaipanda Beautiful potrait photo. You really suit Sakura~ i love your smile 11 years ago
  • Puffycaveman You make a really cute Sakura ^^ And your cosplay is absolutely amazing. 11 years ago